Being lazy causes obesity? Why fat shaming won’t work.

“I can’t be shamed into losing weight – I’m not lazy or lacking in self-discipline”. This is the title of an important article in the Guardian Newspaper, August 4th from which we wrote an important post on our Lipotrim UK website.

This article shows true understanding of obesity, recognising that millions of people in Ireland, the UK and across the world for that matter should not be deemed and shamed as lazy or without discipline.

mantra to eat less and exercise more leads to fat-shaming

There are two powerful instincts that have assured our continued existence as living animals: procreation and the drive for food.  We humans have many advantages over other organisms but without either basic instinct there would currently be no people.

This drive for food is critical and a topic which must addressed if we are to successfully tackle excess weight and obesity.

The common dieting entreaty to “just eat less” is simply illogical. and call it whatever you like, but food is the fundamental addiction.

We at Lipotrim Ireland understand these weight loss problems and invite you to read our blog post on the Lipotrim UK website.

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