Covid19 vaccines – how to help vaccines work

Covid19 vaccines are imminent, with three different vaccines claiming to be potentially ready for widespread use by Christmas 2020. This news is more than welcome after a torrid 2020 for us all.

We have seen plenty of reports heralding the Covid19 vaccines as our solution to the coronavirus pandemic but is this going to solve the covid19 threat?

The short answer is "not on its own".

Firstly, we have already written about the Covid19 mortality rate and who is most at risk.

Secondly, even with a 90%+ effective covid19 vaccine there are some fundamental factors such as T-cells that affect our immune system which we need to seriously consider.

Our immune system comprises much more than antibodies and its effectiveness hinges upon our maintaining our health, especially our nutrition and a healthy body weight.

On our sister website, Lipotrim UK, we have written a piece explaining why, as well as getting the covid19 vaccine, we must also take immediate action in other areas of our health.

For a fully optimal immune system we must ensure a complete intake of essential nutrients and lose any excess weight. The Lipotrim UK blog post is titled:


Pharmacy is ideally placed to offer this evidence-based advice so we can all benefit from the much needed good vaccine news.

Covid19 vaccines are just around the corner so let us work towards, and hope for, a more normal 2021!

Please contact your local participating Lipotrim Ireland pharmacy today to request assistance with your health, nutrition and any excess weight.

During the pandemic many pharmacies are unable to offer their extended services, Lipotrim being just one of the many pharmacy services temporarily suspended.

If your local pharmacy is affected or for more information please contact us straight away

Tel: 015 255 636 (local rate call)


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