Find a Lipotrim Pharmacy in Ireland

Please use the map or the list of pharmacies below the map to find a Lipotrim pharmacy in Ireland (Click here for UK pharmacies).

If you cannot find a Lipotrim pharmacy near you then please let us know. You can use the Contact Lipotrim button on this page or call us on 00353 (0) 1525 5636.

We are always interested in expanding our network of pharmacies so we can help more people lose excess weight and improve their health.

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      Find a Lipotrim pharmacy in Ireland. It is just the first step and often the hardest...


      Lipotrim has teamed up with some independent pharmacists to introduce the Lipotrim programme into the pharmacy environment. The Lipotrim programme is offered in a friendly and professional manner.

      Pharmacists are highly trained members of the health care team and already provide many medical services for their customers. Weight loss through a controlled diet process such as Lipotrim is just one of the many services your pharmacy can offer you. 

      The participating pharmacists are able to offer the same Lipotrim programme as the GP programme, allowing those without significant medical problems access to fast, reliable weight loss.

      Your pharmacist will be overseeing your weight loss journey and has the tools and knowledge to know when referral is required to your GP. In a majority of cases referral to your GP is not required before embarking in the Lipotrim programme.

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