Healthpoint TV – marketing Lipotrim

Digital screens, those supplied by Healthpoint TV for example, offers cutting edge pharmacy services promotion.

Healthpoint TV helps promote the Lipotrim Pharmacy weight management programme

Healthpoint TV helps you promote Lipotrim

How do you promote your Lipotrim pharmacy programme

We, at Lipotrim, are working closely with Healthpoint TV to maximize the positive effect digital marketing platforms have, on the promotion of Lipotrim in pharmacies.

If you already have a Healthpoint TV in your pharmacy then please contact Healthpoint to you can discuss what options there are for promoting Lipotrim.

If you are yet to have a digital marketing option in your pharmacy then please contact Healthpoint to discuss how easy it is to install, and how a digital screen will help you maximize the promotion of your Lipotrim programme and other pharmacy services.

If you wish to discuss this with us at Lipotrim please feel free to contact us today

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