The Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker is a bespoke online programme allowing pharmacies in Ireland, offering Lipotrim and other weight management programmes, to log their patient data securely.

The Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker is available free of charge for pharmacies in Ireland who are offering Lipotrim.

Charges are negotiable for those not offering Lipotrim.

Having such a unique and powerful tool shouldn't be underestimated. Pharmacies can benefit, above the basic recording using paper records, through the use of the following functions:

  • A more professional visualization of the Lipotrim patient record, including progress graphs and charts.
  • Less cluttered consultation rooms, through the ability to go completely paperless. Medical screening forms can be electronically signed by patients.
  • Enhanced patient communication with GDPR compliant email and SMS (text message) functions to individual patients or even to your whole patient list in one click.
  • Full audit function. Auditing patient results helps inform other healthcare professionals and stakeholders of your programme success, plus Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) and Quality Payment (QP) compliance.
  • Lipotrim training materials and all Lipotrim paperwork (for both patients and pharmacies) are available to watch, print and download.

Superior visualization of the patient record with the Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker

The patient tracker gives a more complete and professional look to the collection of data.

The patient record shows a summary of progress on the patient control panel and a more detailed breakdown when each weight check is added.

Graphical representation is also available showing Weight loss vs Time and % weight loss vs Time

The programme can also display each diet attempt on one graph allowing for a more detailed look at the long term outcomes of their participation on the Lipotrim programme.

The Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker means - Less clutter in the consultation room.

Pharmacy consultation rooms are notoriously full of valuable space-taking folders.

The whole Lipotrim programme can be run, with all data logged using the patient tracker, without the use of paper.

The mandatory patient medical screening forms can even be electronically signed by patients.

All Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker record forms can be completed and signed online using an email signature

Lipotrim Ireland pharmacy electronic medical screening form

Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker enhances patient communication - GDPR compliant

Communication is an essential part of the Lipotrim programme, delivering the diet education and motivation necessary to drive patients towards their weight loss goal.

Using the patient tracker you can email and send text messages (SMS) directly to your Lipotrim patients for free.

Patient retention also allows for longer and more successful weight management post weight loss with Lipotrim.

It may also contribute to a better uptake of the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme.

Patients may access a Patient Read Only copy of their records, using the website's Patient Login tab on the website menu.

Patients require their ID number (allocated automatically on their control panel) and a password (allocated by the pharmacy on their control panel).

Training materials and  paperwork available directly from the Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker

The patient tracker TOOLS tab contains links to staff training materials, the Lipotrim patient education DVD and patient refeeding CD.

Also available is the full pharmacy and patient paperwork list which can be downloaded and printed.

Patient and pharmacy paperwork is supplied free to Lipotrim Ireland pharmacies on request/ordering stocks.

The TOOLS tab contains links to paperwork and training materials

Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker homepage

The Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker contains a "Full Audit" function.

Pharmacy is moving into a more clinical, service orientated role and as a result is required to audit processes and outcome data more than ever.

The Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker has a full audit function.

Lipotrim Ireland Audit - Step 1


Lipotrim Ireland patient tracker audit step 1

Lipotrim Ireland Audit - Step 1The initial page outlines the Lipotrim Ireland Audit and gives user information.

To start the audit simply click "SET FILTERS HERE"


Lipotrim Ireland Audit - Step 2


Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker Audit step 2 - setting data filters

Lipotrim Ireland Audit - Step 2

The patient data collected by the pharmacy, now being audited can be viewed using a number of filters.

For example the audit can be set to view data filtered by any combination of gender, age, weight, BMI, diet attempt number and even by GP surgery.

This data can then be further filtered by the medical conditions stated on the patient medical screening form.


Lipotrim Ireland Audit - Step 3


Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker Sample audit

Lipotrim Ireland Audit - Step 3

The resulting audit sets out the filtered data under headings such as:

  • Total number of patients
  • Total Weight Lost for Patients
  • Average weight lost
  • Weight lost % of initial


The audit gives a detailed picture of the work achieved by the pharmacy and can be used to engage other healthcare professionals, commissioners or stakeholders.

Please take a look at some of the Lipotrim pharmacy audit banner stands and posters given to pharmacies who have logged their data using the Lipotrim Patient Tracker - CLICK HERE

The secure, online Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker can help you retain more of your weight management patients and streamline the operating of your Lipotrim programme.

You will need to input your Lipotrim Ireland pharmacy code as your USER (found on the front of your Green SOP folder) and lipotrim as your initial password. You will be prompted to change your password to make your database secure and viewable by your pharmacy only*.

The Lipotrim Ireland Patient Tracker is simple and easy to use so please feel free to get started straight away.

*Patients are giving their express permission for their anonymised data to be made available to Howard Foundation Research Ltd (Lipotrim) when they sign the medical screening form (see the Lipotrim T&Cs and Privacy Policy)

For Lipotrim UK please click here

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