Lipotrim Maintenance Programme

The Lipotrim maintenance programme was primarily designed to aid long term weight maintenance following the significant weight losses achieved during the Lipotrim total food replacement programme.

The Lipotrim maintenance programme formula foods, available from Lipotrim pharmacies or direct to your home via the Lipotrim Ireland online shop, can also be used to help weight loss.

The Lipotrim Maintenance Programme foods available are a:

  • Caramel flavoured bar
  • Orange Crème drink mix
  • Summer fruit drink mix
  • Chocolate whip dessert mix


Many people have used the Lipotrim programmes to successfully regain control of their weight, whether by using a combination of the Total Food Replacement Programme followed by the Lipotrim Maintenance programme, or just the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme.

To gain maximum benefit from the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme a few principles need to be understood

1) The Glycaemic Index (GI) of foods


Foods can be classified as having a high or low glycaemic index. Low glycaemic index foods are absorbed by the body at a slower rate than higher glycaemic index foods, causing a minimal increase in blood sugar levels. This slower rate of absorption reduces the body’s insulin response, which in turn reduces hunger levels and food cravings.

Low glycaemic index foods, for example green vegetables, sweet potato, lentils, allow for better control of eating habits and therefore body weight.

High glycaemic index foods, such as fruit, bread, cereals, confectionery and snacks can have their glycaemic index lowered with the addition of the Lipotrim maintenance formula foods with their high soluble fibre and low glycaemic index. Subsequent hunger levels and cravings can therefore be reduced, leading to better eating habits and overall food control.

It is not always possible to get this important GI lowering effect with the addition of any freely available low GI food. The glycaemic index only refers to the carbohydrate content of the food and doesn’t take into account the amount consumed, or details such as cooking time or ripeness. The Lipotrim maintenance formula foods work in a way that differs to many of the commercially available, low GI diet foods.

2) Fat levels in foods


Fat is very high in calories, has relatively low satiety value and is usually stored in the body rather than being used for daily energy needs.

“Healthy eating” should generally revolve around low fat principles. Low fat foods, however, can often be relatively high in carbohydrates, and in the form of carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index. Eating low fat foods can therefore prove difficult when trying to maintain the intake of necessary carbohydrates whilst trying to steady the insulin response triggered by the foods consumed.

3) Drinking water is important


On average the human body requires 4 pints of water each and every day. If food is restricted, especially at times of weight loss, the water intake will also be restricted, since food is largely made up of water.

The less you eat the more important water intake becomes.

Drink at least 4 pints (2 litres) of water per day, more if you are also dramatically increasing activity levels.


4) Summary


Eating healthily whilst maintaining body weight is best achieved through a low fat, low Glycaemic index lifestyle whilst maintaining adequate nutrition and hydration levels.

Eating healthily, whilst losing meaningful amounts of weight, must also use these principles but on a dramatically lower intake of food.

The maintenance formula foods make healthy weight loss and weight maintenance much more possible to achieve.



How do the Lipotrim maintenance foods work?


Carrying excess weight can often lead to insulin resistance, a reduction in the effectiveness of the hormone insulin. Sometimes this can lead to obesity related, type 2 diabetes. 

 Diabetes is costly in its risk to the patient’s long-term health and to the nation’s health service.

The body can try to make its compromised insulin be more effective by producing increasing amounts of insulin in response to sugar intake. This can lead to an overproduction of the compromised insulin (hyperinsulinaemia). Contrary to many people’s understanding of diabetes, where the disease is associated with a lack of insulin, the insulin levels in the blood can be quite high.


Insulin is normally produced in response to a raised blood sugar level, after consuming foods and calorific drinks, with the aim of bringing the blood glucose level down to normal. Weight loss is one of the few ways that insulin resistance can be corrected. Weight loss can result in properly working insulin, but the adjustment to an appropriate amount of insulin secreted in response to increased blood sugar can be slower to correct.  The excessive circulating healthy insulin can cause an increased hunger, especially for high carbohydrate foods.


Control insulin response using Lipotrim Maintenance Programme

After significant weight loss the insulin resistance is often reversed, yet the body can take a long time to respond to glucose levels correctly. The high soluble fibre in the maintenance foods helps keep the insulin response under control until the body adjusts to the change.

If insulin is still elevated after the glucose levels have been normalised we get hungry, we eat in response to hunger, and the cycle continues. Grazing, snacking and over-eating can become the norm, with body weight increasing or at best being maintained at an unhealthy level even if low fat principles are followed.

The Lipotrim maintenance programme  formula foods work by lowering the glycaemic index of ALL the food recently consumed.

Their high soluble fibre content helps reduce the rate at which the sugars, from our food and drink consumption, are absorbed from our gut. This in turn reduces the body’s response in producing insulin. By controlling the insulin production we can dampen down the hunger levels between meals and help prevent inevitable grazing and snacking.

Do not underestimate the role of insulin in the long-term desire to lose and maintain weight. Weight loss and weight management can be much more than simple calorie counting and portion control (although they do play a part).

After following the Lipotrim total food replacement programme to lose substantial weight. it is essential to understand the Maintenance programme, and the necessity to use the maintenance foods for a while to tackle one of the most difficult aspects of diet and weight control; The relationship between insulin and hunger following a loss of weight.

The Lipotrim weight maintenance foods have been specially formulated so they provide high soluble fibre and a full range of nutrients in the form of a low glycaemic index food. The maintenance foods are designed to be used with traditional foods and help reduce hunger pangs whilst allowing for a normal active life. The nutrients assure that good nutrition is provided even with a reduced amount of food eaten.


Lipotrim maintenance carrier bag - mixing instructions and nutritional information

maintenance bag

When to use the Lipotrim maintenance foods


The maintenance foods should be used before, or with, normal low-fat meals. The low GI, high soluble fibre composition will best help reduce the portion size at mealtimes when consumed before the meal itself.

Snacks can also be replaced by the maintenance foods to gain control of hunger levels throughout the day, although an understanding of the overall daily calorie intake is necessary to prevent over eating.

Consuming one maintenance formula food a day, for days or a few weeks, may be quite adequate to help someone without a serious weight problem.

If there is a serious weight problem it is advisable to consume a maintenance formula food before both breakfast and lunch, possibly even before dinner. The worse the original weight problem, the longer the maintenance programme should be followed. 

It can be very important to stick to the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme long term, after losing considerable weight, because we are all living in a society where delicious, tempting and highly desirable foods are available in great abundance.


Reduce hunger and portions of food with Lipotrim Maintenance Programme


Gaining control of food intake, lifestyle and weight takes time.


Do not expect a week or two of using the maintenance foods to guarantee weight maintenance long term. Maintaining weight is a long-term commitment, and therefore, so is following the maintenance programme, understanding how to deal with food and healthy eating principles post weight loss.

The average person, at rest, uses little more than one Calorie per minute. A bar of chocolate, of about 300 Calories, can sustain a person’s energy needs for about 5 hours, a single biscuit for well over an hour.

Without the help required, in the form of the maintenance foods, it is very easy to lose control, eat more than the body actually needs, and eventually re-gain the weight lost.

Sticking to the maintenance programme helps maintain control over the long term. Without control, weight gain is usually inevitable.

If in doubt seek the help of your local Lipotrim pharmacy, contact Lipotrim by email or call our helpline on

0800 413 735 (UK) or 01525 56 36 (ROI).



How to use the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme for weight loss.



The beauty of the maintenance programme is that it allows a choice of the degree to which body weight is controlled. Using the maintenance formula foods is therefore suited to those with less of a weight problem, waiting to start or thinking of using the total food replacement programme, or unable to adhere to a total restriction of food intake.

If there is a serious problem with food, food addiction or simply more than a couple of stone to lose it is highly recommended to use the total food replacement programme.

By using a maintenance formula food at mealtimes, the portion size and number of calories consumed can be vastly reduced. Ideally, when losing weight, the amount of conventional food consumed at each mealtime, just after or with the maintenance food, should be restricted to about 100 calories.

The maintenance foods, although highly nutritious, vary in their nutritional composition. It is recommended that either the Summer Fruit drink mix or the Chocolate flavoured whip mix, with their higher protein level, is consumed as part of the daily intake if using the programme to lose weight.


Adjust how you use the Lipotrim maintenance foods when control is likely to be lost.


The Lipotrim maintenance programme can be adjusted according to lifestyle. Christmas, birthdays and holidays are just a few of the reasons for a temporary loss of control. The maintenance programme will help control the overall calorie intake before, during and after times like these.

Last of all it is essential to get help whether losing weight or maintaining weight.


This may just be in the form of a set of accurate “bathroom scales”. Do not turn a blind eye to weight fluctuations. It is important to get on the scales and not be guided by tighter or looser clothes.

Better still enlist the help of the local Lipotrim pharmacy. Getting regular weight checks and advice will help maintain the motivation and education necessary for long term weight maintenance.


Call the Lipotrim helpline on:

0800 413 735 (UK) or 01525 5636 (ROI)

contact the Lipotrim team via email

Lipotrim UK: 

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