Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme


Lipotrim is a total food replacement programme.


Lipotrim uses nutrient-complete formula foods, which have proven safe and effective for weight loss at the maximum safe rate*.


The programme has been available since 1987 through GPs and subsequently in pharmacies since 2001 throughout the UK and Ireland.

Principles of weight loss

The strength of drive to get food, when it is restricted, is one of the most powerful biological instincts we have. Our brains react to food through many of the same neural pathways as addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. We effectively behave as though addicted to food. The most effective means of management is avoidance of the substance of abuse.
The basic concept that consuming fewer calories than we burn will result in weight loss is true. A person who is severely overweight simply cannot expect to lose weight just by consuming a moderately reduced intake, any more than an alcoholic can be cured by reducing intake to a few social drinks a day.
In order to treat obesity, a substantial calorie gap is required to achieve significant and rapid weight loss, but a complete compliment of nutrients is essential to maintain health. A nutrient complete, very low calorie food formula meets all the necessary criteria for reliable and safe weight loss.

Lipotrim is a total food replacement programme developed in the UK by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management.

The individual stops eating all conventional foods and replaces them with the nutritionally complete formula foods.

By maximizing the calorie gap, whilst still maintaining nutritional health, the body draws on its reserves of sugar and excess fat to meet the body’s energy requirements. This happens regardless of the calories required by each individual. Lipotrim is therefore an excellent diet choice whether you are highly active or sedentary.

The person is not living on a reduced amount of calories, just changing the source of calories. The patient will feel comfortable, healthy and ultimately in control.

Patients who are compliant on Lipotrim can expect to lose approx. 1 stone per month (females)* and 1.5 stone per month (males)*.


Lipotrim pharmacy diet

Weight loss using the expertise of your pharmacy

Lipotrim Re-feeding and weight maintenance audio

In the first week, since lost weight is primarily from the mobilization of glycogen and its bound water, the usual outcome is a weight loss of around 7lb loss. People with a larger BMI or edematous people may lose more.

Each week the patient is fully compliant a predictable weight loss in the region of 2-4lb per week for females and 3-5lb for males will be seen.

The programme is followed strictly for the length of time needed to achieve the desired weight loss, allowing for a predictable diet duration. Your pharmacist has the expertise to be able to balance your weight loss target and your medical status.

If either you or the pharmacist requires assistance then our dedicated team is available to guide you.

Please find below the written literature to help support patients following Lipotrim and the Lipotrim Medical Screening Form which all patients are required to fill in before starting the Total Food Replacement Programme:

Lipotrim Medical Screening Form

Take your completed medical form to your local participating Lipotrim pharmacy to save time. Or for those who's local pharmacy is not currently able to offer support during the pandemic please email it to to obtain a direct supply.

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