NewWeigh is NOT Lipotrim or connected to Lipotrim

Lipotrim has not changed its name to, or has any connection with NewWeigh.

NewWeigh is a new company to the weight loss sector. It has come to light that this emergence of NewWeigh has cast some confusion about whether Lipotrim has been reformulated, rebranded or even exists any more. We would like to set the record straight:

There is an Irish distributor based in the Republic of Ireland who has supplied Lipotrim diet products and Lipotrim maintenance products on behalf of Lipotrim for the past 10 years.

This distributor has now formed his own company with new products called NewWeigh. NewWeigh have nothing to do with the original Lipotrim company, Howard Foundation Research Ltd. (HFR), or its Lipotrim products.


NewWeigh is not Lipotrim reformulated and rebranded.

Howard Foundation Research Ltd. (HFR) who own Lipotrim, comply with EU legislation and directives. Any claim that the NewWeigh products are Lipotrim rebranded and reformulated is untrue. The Lipotrim VLCD products and its programme has been available exclusively to healthcare professionals for more than 30 years.


Lipotrim products have an extensive research history and record of safety and effectiveness.  The results of an audit of the Lipotrim Ireland patients has demonstrated this.

HFR’s research has been recognized and commended by the research scientists of the EU SCOOP report on VLCD.

Lipotrim diet is still available throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland (check Lipotrim website) and is still be available in the Republic of Ireland to people who would prefer to choose Lipotrim as their Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).


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