Pharmacy Area

Dear pharmacist and pharmacy staff
We value the time and hard work you dedicate to your patients.
The highly important clinical interventions you make through the using Lipotrim WILL be making a real difference in your local community and beyond.
Your Lipotrim weight loss and weight management programme is something to be proud of; improving overall health, reducing the risk of many serious medical conditions and ultimately saving lives.
Thank you for your support
The Lipotrim Ireland Team

The Lipotrim Ireland website is here to help support you, especially in this our pharmacy area. If in doubt please call us on 015255636 (local rate), we are here to help you.

Please use the links below to navigate to the most appropriate section, whether to place your order for Lipotrim Maintenance Programme formulas & bars, log patient data using the secure Lipotrim Patient Tracker Programme, or to learn more about Lipotrim and weight management.

Lipotrim online shop

Place your Lipotrim maintenance order

Lipotrim Ireland posters

Keep your Lipotrim posters fresh and up to date

Lipotrim and Diabetes

How to help treat type 2 diabetes through weight loss

Lipotrim Patient Tracker

Track patient progress, audit data & print paperwork

Lipotrim Patient Education Video

Patient Education Video

CPD & staff training

Improve your knowledge on Lipotrim & weight management

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