CoolCaps – Single tube x18 fresh breath pearls


CoolCaps, by PaperMints, have a refreshing cool mint flavour. They are ketosis & keto friendly and sugar free. They help to keep your breath fresh and are suitable when dieting or as an alternative to chewing gum.

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CoolCaps – Single tube x18 fresh breath pearls – Best Before 06/2023

CoolCaps have a cool mint flavour and give you instant fresh breath.

CoolCaps are:

  • sugar free
  • a great alternative to chewing gum
  • suitable when on the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme
  • suitable for low carbohydrate diets
  • pocket size
  • great for smokers
  • long duration of action

This listing is for a single pocket-size tube contains 18 dissolvable breath freshening pearls.

They are ideal for freshening your breath whilst following any diet.

CoolCaps are sugar free and ketone friendly.

They do not interfere with the ketosis process used in the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme. It is essential that the mild dietary ketosis is not interfered with. The state of ketosis will help you stay comfortable whilst dieting.

It is important to remember that if you are following the Lipotrim total food replacement programme, you are not allowed sugar free chewing gum, mints or sprays to freshen your breath. This makes CoolCaps an ideal and welcome solution to the mild bad breath that accompanies ketosis.

NOTE: mild bad breath is a great sign of success whilst following the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme.

Directions for use:

Simply take one fresh breath pearl from the pocket-size container and place gently in your mouth. It takes merely seconds for the outer capsule to dissolve in your mouth, leaving you with fresh breath on the go. Then swallow the second, inner capsule for long lasting fresh breath. Use them as often as needed to freshen your breath with a long duration of action.

Ingredients:  Vegetable oil (Coconut and Palm origin), Menthol flavor (natural and artificial), Gelatin (Beef Gelatin  Halal approved), Peppermint flavor (Artificial),  Lemon flavor (Artificial), D-Sorbitol (E420), Mint Flavor, Aspartame (E951), Soy Lecithin (E322), Sucralose (E955), Glycerin (E422), Cooling Flavor (Artificial), Colorant (E131)

The Lipotrim Maintenance range comprises:

Other Lipotrim products available to purchase:

A minimum order of 3 items (excl. sale or discount code items, shakers, single Papermints or CoolCaps and FibreCLEAR) are required for FREE delivery.

Contact Lipotrim for help and advice if you are unsure what to choose or how best to use the Lipotrim maintenance formula foods

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