Excellent speedy service!

Emma Trustpilot review for Lipotrim Ireland

Geraldine Oman-gavinexcellent customer service

Great company, excellent product, excellent customer service.

Geraldine Oman-Gavin Trustpilot review for Lipotrim Ireland diet

Worked well and lost 10kg easily - no difficulties!
Now to keep the weight off!

AW Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

Efficient delivery, excellent service.

Ann Marie Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Even better this time (much better then Great) Thank You

Laurence Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review 23-Nov-2020

Always GREAT thank you.

Laurence Trustpilot review for Lipotrim Ireland diet Nov 2020

I have only completed a week but I’ve lost half a stone.

They are very quick to respond to my emails and very pleasant and helpful to deal with.

JM Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot diet review

Lipotrim is a fantastic diet i never felt hungry at all on it ...I lost all my weight in a few weeks and had so much more energy I just started my maintenance programme .I cannot rate the staff at lipotrim they were extremely helpful x

Jennifer Desmond Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

Lipotrim Ireland customerVery easy to process to start

Very easy to process to start. Buy on line once approved and delivered within days. Very helpful & responsive also. Definitely recommend

customer Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

Paul FaganSuperb service

Superb service, rapid delivery, and more importantly it works, STRONG 💪 WILLPOWER ESSENTIAL.

Paul Fagan Lipotrim Ireland diet review on Trustpilot

Second time ordering from lipotrim and as before excellent service

Mary Rooney Lipotrim Ireland Tristpilot review Oct 2020

Yvonne MoffattExcellent service

excellent service / delivered to Ireland within 3 days

Yvonne Moffatt Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

Not as good as before but when you are used to 2-3 days 4 days seems a lot worse than it should . Still the best you will get. Thank You

Laurence Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review Sept 2020

Mrs Kristina RusakevicieneIts really working

Its really working, I'm trying for 4th time now and its helping me loose the weight. (we have adjusted the wording and spelling on this review to make it easier to read - please see below for a picture of the original Trustpilot review)

Kristina Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

The service was excellent, many thanks to the team members

Grace Adeola Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

The best diet programme I ever tried! 🥰 In 7 weeks I lost 19 kg, happy days! 🙂

Gunita Simtniece Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Pauline PhelanPrompt delivery

Prompt delivery

Pauline Phelan Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Ordered on a Friday, I had a number of issues with the web order, Irish customers pay more for the product and it’s now the following Wednesday and no sign of the product

Siobhan Daly Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

We are sorry to hear of your issues through this Trustpilot review and that you have felt our service was lacking.

Since we do not monitor Trustpilot as routinely as our emails and helplines, we do not recommend this for the resolving of issues. We are here to support you through our Lipotrim Ireland helpline 015255636, social media channels, website or email addresses.

To answer your issues:

1. Ordered on a Friday – your order was placed at 5pm on a Friday and as per our working week and T&Cs, all orders placed after 3pm are dispatched the next working day. Your parcel was therefore dispatched on the following Monday as expected.

2. I had a number of issues with the web order – we are really sorry to hear there were difficulties placing the order. We are unaware of any issues with the website. It would really help us and other customers if you could elaborate so we can investigate any issues you have encountered.

3. Irish customers pay more for the product – the price has been the same for a number of years now without an increase. We attempt to keep a stable price across all of our regions. There is naturally a slight difference in price across the different countries we operate in, as is the case with a vast majority of businesses.

4. and it’s now the following Wednesday and no sign of the product – we use FedEx who who attempt to deliver in 1 to 3 working days. Friday post-3pm orders are therefore likely to arrive on the following Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We supply FedEx with each customers contact details so they can keep the purchaser updated throughout their processing of the parcel. It is unusual to therefore hear there is no sign of a parcel. We will look into their notification processes.

Please be mindful that unfortunately the pandemic has caused a minority of parcels to be slightly delayed (through FedEx delivery issues and not our dispatch times which have been unaffected).

All of our customers and their orders are highly valued.

We also appreciate feedback so we can respond to queries etc to the benefit of others as we have done here.

Best wishes and here to support you

Siobhan Daly Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

I can't recommend Lipotrim enough, really satisfied with both the product & the service. Thank you

Antionette Lynch Trustpilot review of Lipotrim Ireland

I used this product firstly over 10 years ago when i really reached a low point with my weight.

At that time i had to bring my urine sample every week to be checked along with my weigh in to chemist. This is not needed now but this diet if you follow it means no cheating but for me no thought process about points, low calorie, low fat. Its for when you just need to make a massive change and need a kick start asap to feel encouraged to do more.

I didnt want to go to classes until i had started to loose weight.

I dropped 3.5 stone in 3 months on my first try. I never looked back keep active and maintained my weight.

I am however one of those people but that loves summer, wine and partying and normally put on a few pounds over this time. So every November i go sober and do this diet for 4 weeks.

I did not do last year as i bought "new weigh", which a pharmacy told me was the new name for lipotrim. I hated the other product..

The soup in lipotrim is my saving grace.. I have 2 a day plus one shake. I am so angry with pharmacy as i even told them to send an email complaining about the "change in recipe" stupidly thinking why did they change it go back to original recipe. That never happened and now i know why.

I never lost my summer weight and added to it this summer and espically during lockdown. V unhappy place now but ready to start again in the morning got my products via new pharmacy having looked online and saw it was still available.

This is hardcore but its needed when you have hit a point that you need change. X Positivity and in my control.

Marina Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Official Lipotrim reply to Marina's positive Trustpilot review:

Hi Marina
Thank you for the great review which is very much appreciated.
We understand the issues surrounding long-term weight management and are here to support you all the way.
Your review is especially important in that you, a real life dieter, has experienced and commented on the terrible situation of being misled. Lipotrim is still Lipotrim (NewWeigh is NOT Lipotrim). We are constantly battling those pharmacies attempting to pass this new diet on the market off as Lipotrim:
We are proud of our long established Lipotrim programme and have no intention of changing the formulas.
Thank you again and best wishes with your weight management.

Lipotrim reply to Marina Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

From the first moment of contact with Lipotrim staff they were very very helpful answered all the questions I asked.

Plus kept in contact with me. Cant rate them and the service high enough.

Ian Byrne Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Margaret WynneFast efficient

Fast efficient

Margaret Wynne Trustpilot review for Lipotrim Ireland

Great service and a product that actual works!!

Siobhan Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

Sarah-Jane was very helpful and quick to respond to my queries!

AnneMarie Farrell Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

I found ordering on this site extremely easy with no complications.
From order to delivery in Ireland by fed Ex....two days. Couldn't ask for better service.
Thank you

Mary Rooney Lipotrim IOreland review on Trustpilot

Highly recommend Lipotrim for fast and effective weight loss.

Really great results with Lipotrim. I usually get the chocolate shake but I decided to try the flapjacks this time.

They take some getting used to, after only having the shakes as they are very chewy.

I really enjoy them now with a cup of black tea or coffee.

Delivery is always very fast and well packaged.

Laura Gummerson Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Tina CadwellWorks well

Works well, not Hungry

Tina Cadwell Lipotrim Ireland review on Trustpilot

Great Staff Very Helpful. Good Advice to set your Goals .

Stick to this Plan and you will get your Results.

I will bet anyone this liprotrim is the best on the Market.

customer Lipotrim Ireland review Trustpilot 08 07 2020

Did not get any email to confirm my order after i ordered and delivery not as good as before.

laurence Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Great product and very fast delivery

Siobhan Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

Best diet that works on the Market . Staff are the best and Very Helpful .

Sarah is A Star

Customer review Trustpilot Lipotrim Ireland

Delivery was great ! And efficient once ordered .

Sales staff very matter of fact .

Marie Sutton Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Catherine RiceExcellent service

Excellent service - very fast delivery

Catherine Rice Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Joanna JankowskaVery nice service

Very nice service, advices, and informations.

Joanna Jankowska Lipotrim Ireland review Trustpilot

Arrived on time and I have began my journey. First few days can be hard but flying now

Chris Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Great service. Extremely helpful staff. Delivery quickly expedited!

I love this diet. Takes a few days to get used to it but after day 4 its plain sailing. No hunger pangs. Feel much fresher with more energy and clearer head too. Only finishing week 1 now and already down 3.2kg.

It's not for everyone but it's an excellent diet and as I have done it before and lost over 5 stone on it in 18 weeks, and maintained my weight for years after, I really cant recommend it enough. It is the only go-to diet that I will ever do.

Thanks Lipotrim Ireland, this diet is literally a lifesaver for me. 100%.

10/10 👍👍👍👍👍

Sharon Keogh Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot Review

Excellent service and products

Siobhan Lipotrim ireland Trustpilot review 09 06 2020

Excellent experience even in these times. Very efficient and quick.

Suzanne Carragher Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review 09 06 2020

Lorraine CotterExcellent service

Excellent service

Lorraine Cotter Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review 09 06 2020

Customer Review - 1 star

I find the price of the item double what is charged in a pharmacy and the shipping costs are extortionate at the same price at the item. I have not yet received the item which according to you shipped 5 days ago. All together a very disappointing experience.

customer Lipotrim Ireland review Trustpilot 04 06 2020

Lipotrim Ireland - response to this review

Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your experience.

To answer your concerns:

*We cannot legally set the prices our participating pharmacies charge, simply recommend a retail price RRP. This means they are at liberty to charge the same as our RRP or either more or less than the RRP. It sounds like you have a local pharmacy who are, for whatever reason, selling below our RRP. We are duty bound to sell our products at the RRP.

*The shipping charges are a flat fee as per our terms and condition as we generally send rather heavy parcels. We do have a free shipping option when our minimum spend is reached.

*Orders are dispatched the same day if received before 3pm (Mon to Fri) and may take around 3 working days to arrive. The two days over the weekend do not count as working days.

*We are all facing many challenges during this pandemic and although we are managing to maintain a near normal working practice at Lipotrim, the couriers we use are experiencing infrequent minor disruptions to their normal service, meaning some parcels are taking a small amount of time longer to arrive.

Please feel free to email us on or call our helpline 015255636 so we can investigate your individual delivery.

We recommend anyone who feels they have any cause for complaint or feels they have not received the service they expected to contact us first.

Trustpilot Lipotrim Ireland reply 04 06 2020

Excellent service and products, day 9, feel great

Antionette lynch Lipotrim Ireland trustpilot review

Easy and helpful service. Thank you.

Lisa Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Excellent products. Lost 10 lbs in the first week alone. Customer service is excellent and they ship quickly

Colm Crowley Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Antoinette Lynchvery happy

Great, i placed an order, it was delivered in 3 days, very happy

Antoinette Lynch Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Excellent service

Eimear Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review 28 05 2020

Easy to use webshop, free delivery option, fast dispatch. Using maintenance products to control sugar carvings.

Eszter Feher Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review 28 05 2020

Hello I was very pleased with my order. I was only waiting a couple of day for it to be delivered thank you

Lipotrim Ireland customer review Trustpilot 28 05 2020

Siobhan FaughnanExcellent service

Excellent service. Trial order, worked with Gareth on this and will be ordering again very soon. Thanks!

Siobhan Faughnan Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

The best diet I ever tried! *****

Gunita Simtniece Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

Customer reviewBrilliant product

Brilliant product and great customer service

Customer review Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot

Ordering was simple and prompt . Delivery was within a couple of days and given the demands on delivery service this was impressive .

On day 9 and already feeling results however with the rain bucketing outside I would love a slice of sourdough - toasted , buttered with cheese ....mmm and washed down by a few beers .

That’s where it all went wrong . Find the whole process great at breaking bad habits .

Daragh Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review May 2020

Quick delivery, very helpful and fast replies from customer service. Highly recommend.

Keith Lipotrim Ireland review Trustpilot May 2020

Irene JohnstoneService was excellent

Service was excellent

Irene Johnstone Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review May 2020


Paul Fagan Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Tracey PujolasVery quick delivery

Very quick delivery

Tracey Pujolas Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review April 2020

Once again another order delivered in 2 days service 1st class would highly recommend

Susan Fallon Lipotrim Ireland review Trustpilot April 2020

Excellent service- great to have the bit of discount during these hard times. Very fast delivery- had delivery within two days.

Eimear Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland April 2020

Kristina Murrayeasy to order

Quick efficient easy to order

Kristina Murray Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Bernadette Al JumailVery quick and efficient

Very quick and efficient service 👏👏👏👏

Bernadette Al Jumail Lipotrim Ireland review Trustpilot April 2020

No problem everything great

Irene Johnstone Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Customerworks great

Have Done in past works great looking forward to doing again

customer Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland April 2020

Excellent, very helpful and accommodating

Paul Matthews Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Fast efficient ordering and delivery.

Paul Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review April 2020

Excellent service..

Paul Fagan Lipotrim Ireland Tristpilot review 13 04 2020

Excellent service as always. Fast delivery.

M Ryan Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland 11 04 2020

Great as always keep it up. You are the best

Laurence Lipotrim Ireland Tristpilot review April 2020

Adrian MoranEasy to order

Easy to order and arrived a day early - Brill

Adrian Moran Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

Brilliant communication skills, fast and reliable.

Michelle Ukaigwe Trustpilot Review Lipotrim Ireland

Always great doing business 5 stars all the way.

Laurence Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland March 2020

Always a pleasure deal with. Friendly, supportive and efficient.

Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland ANON

Always use them great service and fast delivery

Susan Fallon Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

Fast delivery and very tasty. Great for maintaining weight loss.

Laura Gummerson Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review Feb 2020

As always easy and quick process with speedy delivery

mitchell feb 2020 trustpilot Lipotrim Ireland review

Laura GummersonReally tasty

Quick delivery and really tasty caramel bars.

Laura Gummerson Lipotrim Ireland Tristpilot review

Great product and fast delivery

Leanne Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

Easy process, quick delivery

Michelle Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland

Great service as ever Thank You

laurence Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

I found Gareth to be most helpful and pleasant. While he could not guarantee delivery on the wed he did his best and it did happen. This made life so easy as I’m only home in wednesdays. Thank you Lipotrim from a happy customer. Teresa F

Teresa Fenton Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review Jan 2020

Henry MarshVery helpful

Service is excellent and very helpful

Henry Marsh Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review Jan 2020

Henry MarshEasy to deal with

Found Gareth very helpful and easy to deal with

Henry Marsh Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review dec 2019

The caramel bars are lovely and keep you full all day until dinner.

Laura Gummerson Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review dec 2019

Again I have got my delivery from Lipotrim Ireland way before expected delivery date .

They are super efficient and lovely to deal with.

They always give 100% .

Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review 28 Nov 2019

Tania ReardonLove this diet.

Love this diet. It works for me and it is fast and does exactly what it says!

Tania Reardon Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Bernadette Al Jumail100% All the time

100% All the time 👏👏👏👏👏

Lipotrim Ireland Al Jumail Trustpilot review


Great just Great

Laurance Trustpilot Lipotrim Irelandreview Ireland oct 2019

Josephine WhiteGreat service

Thank for the great service

josephine white trustpilot Lipotrim Ireland review

Bernadette Al JumailI love the Lipotrim bars ..

I love the Lipotrim bars ... they are very filling and I just love the texture.

When I place my order they are super efficient in getting my bars sent to me in quickest possible time.

I just cannot fault them . They deserve a 5 star review . Bernadette.

Bernadette Al Jumail Trustpilot Ireland Lipotrim review

Excellent nice price

Michael Taylor Aug 2019 Trustpilot Lipotrim Ireland review

Sharon PowerVery happy

Super quick response and delivery.. Very happy

Sharon Power Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland July 2019

Excellent .....really fast delivery

Paul Fagan Trustpilot review Lipotrim Ireland July 2019

Susan Fallondelivery fantastic

Buy lipotrim online regularly service and delivery fantastic had a slight problem ordering this time so phoned instead very helpful solved the problem 5 star service

Trustpilot review - Lipotrim Ireland - Susan Fallon July 2019

Great just GREAT Very quick and on time

Trustpilot review - Lipotrim Ireland - Laurance July 2019

Site is easy to use; delivery was very fast; overall I was very happy with my recent experience on this site

Trustpilot Lipotrim Ireland review 10 June 2019

Great service, very fast delivery,ordering online

josephine white trustpilot ireland review Lipotrim Ireland

M Ryan – Trustpilot reviewExcellent service as always.

Excellent service as always.

M Ryan Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review ROI 27 05 19

Laurence Lipotrim Ireland Trustpilot review

Very good company got my order in 2 days

yes I found there delivery very good and always on time.

I lost a half a stone on Lipotrim and was delighted.

I really liked their orange cream mix and caramel bars easy to eat and fast on the go if your in a rush in the morning for breakfast.
Kind regards

M Ryan – Trustpilot ReviewTrustpilot Review - Lipotrim Ireland

Excellent service, brilliant customer service too

Nicola Crossan Lipotrim UK Trustpilot review

My lipotrim journey

Over the last 27 years, I must have lost over 30 stones, putting it all back on again. I became the typical yo-yo dieter. I can be so single minded and focused, but the instant something doesn't go my way, all bets are off and I reach for my go to comfort food of cheese!

After having a raging thirst for a couple of weeks, a nagging worry plagued me, so on 5th November I sneaked downstairs and tested my blood sugar on my husband's glucose monitor.
The shock when I saw 16.6 on the screen was indescribable. I WAS DIABETIC and I was killing myself!
That was the push I needed and my LIPOTRIM journey started right that minute. No thinking about it, no planning just straight in.

My weight was exactly 18 stones, and I managed to squash my bulk into size 26 clothes.
24 weeks later I have lost over 7 stones and fit nicely into size 12. My BMI had dropped from morbidly obese down to healthy weight. I have reversed the diabetes, and my blood pressure is now well within the normal range.

Would I recommend Lipotrim? In a heartbeat - but only if you are serious about losing weight and prepared to make the sacrifices

Does it work? Absolutely, if you stick to it 100%

Facebook Lipotrim Ireland review

Lots of will power and determination. Is needed but lipotrim is the best tfr diet ever

they are amazing told all my friends how great the are and ive so much energy now thanks once again xx

12 pound lost in my first week back after Christmas and didn't exercise.

Love this diet especially as i have a bad back and can't do high intensity exercise to shift this weight.

It does what it says. Once day 3 is over you its a doddle. And my mood has changed for the better

Lipotrim patient review - Trustpilot logo

Will recommend,
used twice after pregnancies,
Lost 25 kg in 3 month.

Dear Lipotrim

I have just received a medical report from my diabetes doctors and I am so thankful to your diet programme that I want to share my experience with you in the hope it will encourage others.

My type 2 diabetes has been with me for more than 25 years and it felt like a life sentence on my health. I would sleep with it, wake up with it and was depressed for so long. I was on the search for a cure for my diabetes and thank God I found Lipotrim.

Every time I would attend hospital appointments they would prescribe me with endless amounts of drugs. I was finally prescribed insulin and was not happy with that because I knew about the side effects (such as gaining weight). I had been taking several drugs which did not appear to be improving my condition and I was quite overweight.

My Doctors approved my attempting the Lipotrim programme and also approved my stopping all the drugs except metformin while dieting. This was necessary for starting the Lipotrim weight loss programme. Lipotrim explained that my blood sugar should come down quickly and the drugs were not needed. It did! Within the first week on Lipotrim, my blood sugars dropped very close to normal for the first time in 25 years and have remained normal ever since - even after the refeeding week and going back to ordinary foods.

I was on the diet for 3 months and have been eating carefully for another 3 months.

I urge other sufferers of diabetes to please seek and search Lipotrim, it really is a lifesaving programme. This programme cured me and it could prevent so many others who suffer from diabetes, who're prone to blindness, loss of limbs and organ failure.

Prior to starting the programme my HBA1c results were 11.4% however they have now reduced to a healthy 7.5%. My loss of weight and my normal bloods have been praised by my Doctors.

I can't tell you how pleased I am and I hope you will share my excitement with other diabetes sufferers. This has honestly helped me so much and has given me a new lease of life. I highly recommend this programme and I would love to "kiss your feet"!

Yours enthusiastically


Gareth Evans MRPharmS – Waistaway clinicsLipotrim Pharmacist

Gareth Evans - Waistaway and Lipotrim pharmaist

I've offered Lipotrim as a Pharmacist for over 10 years and have gained some excellent results for my patients. One current patient has lost 50kg to date (Oct 2016 to May 2017) and is feeling the benefit so much she is not using her wheelchair routinely.
Professionally run and predictable results, Lipotrim offers the Pharmacist an excellent programme to gain clinically significant results, whilst the patient gains from the professional knowledge of the Pharmacist and the long term help and advice to keep their weight off.

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