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Please take a look at the Lipotrim social media channels and Lipotrim blog posts. 

Weight loss and weight management is a subject on which many people commentate, sometimes without evidence or substance. The confusion that arises from differing points of view makes achieving true weight loss often quite difficult.

The Lipotrim programme is evidence based, and with many years of experience in the field of weight management, our social media channels offer Lipotrim the chance to educate and support dieters, and healthcare professionals. 

We welcome the sharing of the topics we cover and any comments made in response.

The Lipotrim social media channels can be found through the links below:

Lipotrim Twitter page - quick, punchy weight loss & weight management posts for everyone

Lipotrim on Instagram - see our social media posts in pictures and videos

Lipotrim LinkedIn - our posts with healthcare professionals in mind 

Lipotrim Facebook page - follow, share and get involved in the Lipotrim community whoever you are

Google + page - posts and news items for everyone

Lipotrim YouTube channel - watch our informative videos on weight management and the Lipotrim programme

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